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Andean Family Farmers Partnership

Our circle is unbroken

Andean Family Farmers:
Taking the initiative on three fronts

Our goal as a company is to sustain the traditional quinoa farmers of Bolivia. We began the Andean Family Farmers program in 2013 to provide support in three related areas of need. We’re seeking to make a measurable impact through Environmental, Social and Financial initiatives that help the farmers to help themselves. In each of these areas, we work with ethical and energetic partners including Kellogg Company (irrigation and soil improvement), Fair Trade USA (certification and farmer empowerment) and Root Capital (financial literacy and planning).

Andean Family Farmers Partnership

AFF team members are frequently found in the quinoa fields, observing, listening, learning, advising.


We are absolutely committed to organic production and ensure that farmers plant only biodiverse heirloom seeds and raise them free of chemicals or GMOs. Our team of agronomists provides guidance in organic fertilization, irrigation and other techniques to responsibly improve soil health and crop yields.


We support farmers’ associations in developing strong governance structures and achieving Fair Trade certification. Fair Trade prices include a premium which farmers invest in their communities for social, educational and health projects.


We provide training and consulting services to help communities develop financial management skills including basic accounting and administrative practices. The farmers are enabled to make informed business decisions, access credit and grow their enterprises.