Certifications Organic Certification

Andean Naturals established JISA in partnership with local entrepreneurs in 2008, specifically to improve the quality of quinoa available for export to the US and other growing markets with demanding food-safety standards. In 2010, we opened a purpose-built plant that processes only quinoa -- exclusively organic quinoa, in fact -- eliminating any risk of cross-contamination. Today, JISA’s sophisticated technology, innovative thinking and ultra-rigorous approach to quality control make this the most advanced quinoa-processing facility in the world.

JISA stands apart for another reason: we measure success in benefit to the broad community more than return to our own bottom line. That is why we located our plant in El Alto, creating over 120 jobs in one of South America’s poorest cities. The name JISA comes from Jacha Inti, S.A., “Great Sun” in the local Quechua language, symbolising the dawn of new hope for the people of the Altiplano.

Nobody at JISA is “just an employee”; everyone contributes to our success and shares in its rewards. We invest in our people by underwriting their costs for higher education, empowering those of indigenous origin to ascend the corporate ladder. All staff members receive free access to medical and dental care, and from senior managers to shift workers, we sit down together for lunch in our own small restaurant.

The bonds built during the business day are carried forward into a range of social and sporting activities. We field two soccer teams in competitive league play, and in 2013 a semi-pro basketball team featuring four JISA employees reached the final six of the national championships. Company-wide recreational excursions and talent shows add further fun and esprit de corps.

Our belief in teamwork and our passion for excellence are at the heart of everything we do; we work closely as partners with the farmers who supply us with quinoa. JISA was the first company to establish quality controls at the farm level, and we support producer groups with pre-cleaning equipment to jumpstart our quest for the best.

Globally and within Bolivia, the business environment continues to change. We respond by paying our taxes in full and on time, by operating transparently and by upholding international standards for quality, safety and ethics. Quite simply, we do what we are convinced is right.