Certifications Organic Certification
The pride of an ancient civilization,
a powerful symbol of quality for today.

JISA  is proud to operate the most modern quinoa processing facility in the world. We’re equally proud of our roots in the ancient history and culture of the Andes -- that’s why our name and logo are derived from words and symbols used thousands of years ago by the Aymara and Quechua (Inca) peoples, the original cultivators of quinoa.

JISA stands for Jach’a Inti Sociedad Anonima (equivalent to “Inc.” in the USA). In both Aymara and Quechua, Jach’a means “large,” “great,” “powerful.” Inti is the Quechua name for the sun god, one of their most revered deities, the vital source of light and warmth to man and quinoa alike. Naming our company “Great Sun” reflects our mission to bring opportunity to life for new generations of the native peoples of the Andes.

In the JISA logo, the sun radiates power and vitality. Within it sits a chakana, the enigmatic, 12-pointed Andean Cross of enduring spiritual and possible mathematical importance to the Inca, echoed in every branch of Bolivia’s art and design to this day.

Globally and within Bolivia, the business environment continues to change. We respond by paying our taxes in full and on time, by operating transparently and by upholding international standards for quality, safety and ethics. Quite simply, we do what we are convinced is right.